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Why Naturopathy


Optimize your health and fix the root cause of your symptoms using advanced lab testing, nutrition, supplement and lifestyle strategies. 

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If you are struggling with: 

  • Hormonal imbalances like heavy, painful periods, PMS, PCOS, peri-menopause symptoms or irregular cycles

  • Acne, skin issues, hair thinning or falling out

  • Digestive problems like bloating, constipation or maybe you have been told you have IBS

  • Feeling fatigued, unmotivated, anxious and low mood

  • Experiencing brain fog and energy crashes throughout the day

  • Uncontrollable cravings for sweet or salty foods

  • Struggle with sleep and low libido

You are feeling ‘rubbish’ most of the time and even though your blood tests may come back as "normal" or you have been told that there is “nothing wrong with you”, you can just feel that something is off in your body.You are googling for all the answers, but getting completely overwhelmed with the amount of information there is or when trying to implement it into your life.

You are up for diving into building sustainable health, but you just need the right tools, know-how, and support to make it happen.

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Identify the lifestyle and dietary choices that can have a significant impact on your health.


Find the root causes responsible for the symptoms you are experiencing.


List the solutions capable of addressing your fundamental underlying imbalances


Harmoniously prioritize and orchestrate solutions to nurture your flourishing journey, one step at a time


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215 €

The Sprout

The ideal starting point for those looking to focus on prevention or enhance their health.

Includes 1 Initial consultation (1h30)


 1 Follow-Up (1h)

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420 € 


140€/month for 3 months

Transform your health.
This is for you if you're experiencing chronic symptoms or conditions


Includes 1 Initial consultation (1h30)


5 consultations  (every 2 weeks)


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200 €


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to assess your minerals status.


Includes the HTMA test
(Value 100e)


1 consultation (1h30)


If you require extra support between our 8-week sessions, you can book an additional coaching session to address challenges, answer questions, or discuss new symptoms.

COaching session.PNG

Coaching Session (30min)

40 €

COaching session.PNG

Pack of 2 coaching session

75 €


Follow-up Consultation (1h)

80 €

Every Program includes ..

1. Fully personalised diet

and lifestyle plan

Image by Sophie Dale

Which foods to incorporate, which to avoid, and lifestyle practices I suggest. This will be 100% realistic and fit in with your lifestyle

3. Recipes and handouts

4. Functional testing interpretation

If you opt for functional testing or blood work, I'll guide you through the results, explaining what they reveal about your current health and how they relate to your symptoms. Based on these insights, I'll refine your health protocol accordingly.

5. Detective work

I approach your health like a detective, diving deep into the root causes of your concerns. Using this investigative approach, I craft personalized plans to guide you toward optimal well-being.

2.WhatsApp support

I know health can be confusing, so I’ll be there at every step of the way. You can message me during my clinic hours and I will get back to you within 24 hrs. Longer queries may need a call or consultation.

6. Discount on supplements

& functional tests

 To help you implement your new changes.

When possible you will get discounts on supplements and functional tests ( up to 15%)

Ready to embark on your journey to better health?

Book your discovery call  today and take the first step towards understanding your body's unique needs and unlocking your full potential!

  • Why can't I just book one consultation ?
    I truly believe that investing in your health is one of the most valuable decisions you can make. While single consultations provide insights, they often don't allow us to fully address the complexities of your health concerns. With three consultations, you're not just getting advice – you're investing in a personalized roadmap to lasting wellness. Together, we'll deep dive into the root causes of your issues, tailor strategies specifically to you, and track your progress over time. This comprehensive approach ensures that we not only address symptoms but also create sustainable, long-term changes for your health and well-being.
  • How and when should the payment be made?
    Payment can be made by card or bank transfer and is due before the start of the first session.
  • Where are you based? Do you offer online sessions?
    I'm based in Barcelona and offer online sessions to clients worldwide. I primarily use Google Meet for consultations and I collaborate with local labs, no matter where you are located.
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment ?
    I understand that unexpected things happen and that sometimes appointments need to be cancelled and rescheduled. I kindly request that you provide at least 24 hours' notice for any changes to your appointment otherwise 25e fees will be charged.
  • What if I am running late for my appointment?
    I completely understand that life can get busy, so to make things more convenient for you, I send a friendly automated reminder email 24 hours prior to your appointment, ensuring you stay on track and don't miss any important updates. Initial consultation If you arrive within 30 minutes of your appointment time, I will do my best to see you, but please understand that the session may need to be slightly shortened if there's another appointment afterward. Unfortunately, if you're later than 30 minutes, we'll have to reschedule to ensure I can provide you with the full attention you deserve. Follow-up consultation If you’re running more than 15 minutes late for your follow-up appointment, I won’t be able to accommodate you and I will need to reschedule your appointment. In case of multiple late cancellations or reschedules (after the second occurrence), a rebooking fee of €50 may apply.
  • What can I expect from my 1st consultation ?
    Prior to our session, I will send you a questionnaire and a 3-day food diary to be filled and returned to me at least 48 hours prior to our initial consultation appointment. The initial consultation lasts up to 90min and involves a comprehensive case history-taking process. This includes gathering information about your current health concerns, family and medical history, symptoms affecting various systems in your body, details about your lifestyle and physical activity, and a thorough analysis of your diet. Subsequently, I will provide you with a written plan that includes personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations, suggested supplements, as well as inspiring recipes. Depending on your symptoms, I may also recommend certain tests to be conducted either through your doctor or privately. Follow-up consultations are generally four to six weeks after, where we will monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.
  • What is an HTMA Test ?
    Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a test that analyzes a sample of hair to assess mineral levels and detect imbalances. It provides insights into nutritional deficiencies, toxic metal exposure, and overall health status. You can read more about this test in my article here :
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